One of the key priorities for PLP Phase 3 (2014-17) was to build a body of robust, contestable knowledge on developmental leadership in the Pacific. Research and knowledge was hard wired into all PLP activities, and encompassed a range of tools and approaches, including action research, political economy analysis, developmental leadership and case studies.

Practice-based research helped inform PLP’s work, and provided insights for our partners and other stakeholders, including donors, policy makers and the wider development community. PLP’s had strategic partnerships with La Trobe University’s Institute for Human Security and Social Change, the Developmental Leadership Program, and the Australian National University’s State, Society and Governance in Melanesia program that enabled the program to contribute to a growing body of international literature on developmental leadership and coalitions for change.

The publications in our Resources section were funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The views expressed in the publications are the authors’ alone and are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government.