Green Growth Leaders’ Coalition at their Annual Retreat in Tonga. The  GGLC comprises government ministers, leaders of regional, private sector and civil society organisations and religious leaders.

PLP’s regional activities are aligned with the shared priorities of Australia and Pacific island countries, with a focus on private sector development, women’s leadership and ensuring effective regional institutions. PLP works through robust relationships with Pacific Regional Organisations, private sector and non-government stakeholders. We support our partners to develop and implement their own leadership initiatives, and facilitate participation in broader, cross-sectoral coalitions for policy and development change in the following areas:

  • Private sector Leadership
  • Political – bureaucratic leadership interface
  • Women’s leadership
  • Future developmental leadership

Private Sector Leadership

The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) is the peak body for private sector interests in the region and a long-term PLP partner. PIPSO champions the interests of the private sector in international, regional and national forums. Most recently, the 2017 Forum Economics Ministers Meeting endorsed PIPSO’s recommendations for regulatory reforms for non-traditional financing mechanisms for business mobility and tasked PIPSO to develop a regional framework of engagement between the private and public sectors.  PIPSO is also helping to address broader development problems that intersect with the private sector. For example, PIPSO developed a Women in Business Research Network platform to provide support to women in the private sector and hosted a workshop on youth unemployment in partnership with the Pacific Youth Council.

View the Private Sector Leadership Fact Sheet

Political – Bureaucratic Leadership Interface

Selected leaders from regional, private sector, government and civil society organisations have participated in PLP’s three-module adaptive leadership training program. Seventy-six people, including forty-nine women and six people with disabilities, were trained in adaptive leadership through the Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative. The adaptive leadership training offers participants new skills and perspectives to progress initiatives, build a support base and overcome barriers to change. Graduates of the Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative are mobilising others to take collective action in pursuit of policy reforms and institutional change, such as increased political representation by women and greater government transparency. The participants who completed the train-the-trainer component of the initiative are also facilitating adaptive leadership training in their sectors and communities.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and PLP support an eminent coalition of Pacific leaders who are working to advocate for sustainable development. The Green Growth Leaders’ Coalition (GGLC) includes government ministers, leaders of regional, private sector and civil society organisations and religious leaders. The Green Growth Leaders’ Coalition 2017 Annual Retreat focused on the blue-green economy. The coalition discussed how to support the development of national and regional policies that promote blue-green growth. Coalition members have made considerable progress within their own countries, including through: the review of environmental laws, policies and programs by the Solomon Islands Government; the prominence of ni-Vanuatu culture and environment in Vanuatu’s 2016-2030 National Sustainable Development Plan; and, the hosting of a National Dialogue on Green Growth in Tonga.

IUCN and the Green Growth Leaders Coalition have also been hosting regular pocket talanoas. These discussions bring together academics, civil society officials and senior government officers to discuss major sustainable development challenges, such as coastal fisheries. The outcomes of these discussions are developed into submissions and fed back into national and regional frameworks.

View the Research Update on the impact of ‘Green Growth’ in the Pacific

Future Developmental Leadership

PLP administers the Greg Urwin Awards in partnership with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), providing a unique leadership development and networking experience for future developmental leaders. The awards were established in memory of the late Secretary General of PIFS, a committed supporter of regional development. Twenty-six placements in regional or national organisations in the Pacific have been completed since the start of the scheme. Greg Urwin Awards alumni occupy roles in regional and international organisations, government ministries, universities and community organisations and will play important leadership roles in their countries for years to come.

The Pacific Youth Council represents youth issues at regional and international fora and implements initiatives on youth development, with support from PLP. In line with the recommendations of the PLP-commissioned Regional Youth Employment Scan, the Pacific Youth Council has developed a strong focus on youth entrepreneurship to improve young people’s access to income generating activities. It has established national youth entrepreneurship councils in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji in partnership with PIPSO and national private sector organisations.

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