Participants at the inaugural Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative held at Denarau on 23-26 March 2015.

Participants at the inaugural Pacific Regional Leadership initiative held at Natadola on 23-26 March 2015.

The Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative is a comprehensive and ongoing year-long program to support Pacific leaders in their exercise of leadership around important key development issues and reforms. It is based on the ‘adaptive leadership’ framework, which offers a range of diagnostic and management tools that leaders can draw on when trying to lead change within an organisation, or by working in coalition with others. It has been developed by the Australian Government funded Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) in collaboration with the Cambridge Leadership Associates (CLA).

The adaptive leadership framework is an appropriate approach to analyse and address leadership challenges in regions such as the Pacific, where diverse cultures, large distances, competing national and regional priorities and agendas, and constrained resources all make the process of change complex, difficult and often unpredictable.

The Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative will consist of:

  1. A formal leadership development program delivered via three, four-day residential modules (held in Fiji) over a 12-month period. Topics to be covered are: 1. Exercising leadership; 2. Leadership from the Inside Out; and 3. Leadership and Social Change. Participants will graduate from the Program on completion of all three modules;
  2. Strategic coaching available to participants throughout the duration of their participation that will support leaders to address practical challenges in their work, drawing on and reinforcing the concepts and approaches taught via the formal program (above); and
  3. Alumni community building activities including an annual reunion to build networks and coalitions who can work together, within or across organisations, to address specific issues or reforms.

Who is the Initiative aimed at?

The inaugural (2015) Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative will specifically target 30 established and emerging Pacific Islander leaders currently working in Pacific regional (CROP agencies and civil society) organisations.

Who are the trainers?

All trainers and coaches for the inaugural Initiative have been sourced through the internationally renowned Cambridge Leadership Associates (CLA), which delivers leadership workshops for the Harvard Kennedy School. This initiative builds on previous collaborations between PLP and CLA, targeting individuals, organisations and coalitions engaged in the leadership of organisational and broader developmental change.

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