Since 2008, PLP has supported Pacific Island leaders through core and program funding and training in financial management, board roles and responsibilities, and strategic and sustainability planning. PLP has  offices in Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu, staffed by country representatives who are supported by country program officers based in Suva.

PLP supported reform coalitions addressing the issues of conflict between traditional and constitutional law (Samoa), leadership accountability (Tonga), youth employment and sustainable, safe livelihoods for women (Solomon Islands) and women’s participation in political decision making (Vanuatu). This support has built the credibility and capacity of many of the program’s partners, as evidenced by the finding of a recent study by the Australian National University’s State Society and Governance in Melanesia program, which suggested that PLP’s strong organisational partnerships could serve as “beachheads” for developing reform coalitions.

As of July 2014, PLP is working to identify opportunities to support developmental leadership in a range of areas including:

  • Women’s Leadership
  • Future Developmental Leadership
  • The interface between Political and Bureaucratic leadership spheres
  • Community Leadership
  • Private-Sector Leadership
  • Melanesian Leadership