PLP’s Samoa Country Representative- Muliagatele Dr Potoae Roberts Aiafi (far left) moderating a session during the ‘National Conference on Democracy and Development: The Role of Elections’. The conference was convened by the Samoa Electoral Office and the PLP supported Samoa National Development Leadership Forum (SNLDF).

PLP works with influential individuals and organisations as they work to pursue an identified policy reform or behaviour change. We recognise that exercising developmental leadership can be complex and unpredictable, and provide flexible support tailored to the specific needs of each partner. This includes: funding, mentoring, capacity development, research, monitoring and evaluation, training (including on adaptive leadership), networking and information sharing. PLP also facilitates and supports collective action by bringing stakeholders together to share information and resources, and linking groups of people working together (i.e. coalitions) to other reform initiatives occurring nationally, regionally and internationally.

PLP’s regional activities are aligned with the shared priorities of Australia and Pacific island countries. PLP support is focused around the following broad priority areas:

  • Women’s leadership
  • Future development leadership
  • Political – bureaucratic leadership
  • Community leadership
  • Private sector leadership
  • Melanesian leadership