PLP WISDM Dorosday Kenneth

L-R: PLP Team Leader Ms. Georgina Cope, DWA Director Ms. Dorosday Kenneth and Dr. Tess Newton Cain- PLP’s Knowledge Dissemination Adviser .

June 29 2016– A research seminar called “Stories from the Inside- How we got women onto municipal councils in Vanuatu and what happened next…”  was held at the Australian National University. Vanuatu’s Director of Women’s Affairs Dorosday Kenneth presented on how she worked with the Women in Shared Decision Making (WISDM) coalition and its Temporary Special Measures (TSM) working group to introduce TSM for the municipal councils in Port Vila (2014 elections) and Luganville (2015 elections) with a particular focus on thinking and working politically in a dynamic context.

Our Knowledge Dissemination Adviser, Dr Tess Newton Cain also presented an Analysis of the experiences reported to PLP by the women councillors and how this adds to what has been documented in the global and regional literature. Some of the key points raised include: the impacts of introducing Temporary Special Measures (TSM) for municipal councils in Vanuatu differ between locations, political parties are important players and need to be included in reform-focused activities and the dynamic between electors and elected is slow to change from one based on clientilism to one focused on policy-led development.

PLP supports WISDM to increase women’s representation at all levels of political leadership and decision making. PLP also implements an ongoing research program, including action research and analysis of lessons learned, to inform WISDM/DWA, DFAT and other actors on ongoing support in this area.

The podcast of the presentation is available at the Australian National University website:

The Discussion Paper and Briefing Note on the Analysis  are now available at:

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