Madegugusu Women’s Association members attending the two-day Savings Club training at the Lengana Wesley Methodist Church on Simbo Island.

 April 18 2017- This week we feature our Simbo for Change Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative in the Solomon islands. We joined our Program Officer- Peni Tawake and Solomon islands Country Representative- Samantha Vildam Tuti on their trip to Simbo where we visited project sites and spoke to partners and beneficiaries of the Initiative.

‘Simbo for Change’ is a partnership between members of the Madegugusu Women’s Association, a development entrepreneur on Simbo Island- Esther Suti, and the Samoa Women in Business Development Incorporated (WIBDI). The partnership aims to advance women’s economic empowerment and, in the process, address issues of gender roles and family safety in this remote island community. WIBDI provides technical expertise and training in organic certification, product development and market access, while PLP provides a range of interventions including support for coalition building, action research and facilitation of learning exchanges to build networks and skills.

The purpose of the visit to Simbo was three fold- Peni and Samantha were on their routine site inspection and community consultation visit; Savings Club training- at the request of the Madegugusu Women’s Association PLP hired Financial Literacy trainer Lavinia Baniatawa to train their members on running savings club and finally as part of our ongoing documentation and analysis of ‘Simbo for Change’ activities and dynamics through action research, our researcher- Leslie Hoatson held a half day “Most Significant Change” workshop for our partners.

More interviews and pictures to follow…