Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative participant Taniela Sunia Soakai

Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative participant
Taniela Sunia Soakai

Taniela Sunia Soakai is the Senior Advisor with the Public Health Division at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). He is currently attending the Pacific Regional Leadership Initiative in Natadola, Fiji.

Taniela is looking forward to the remaining sessions of the Initiative, “I consider myself privileged. This is an opportunity to build the capacity of leadership potential within CROP* agencies and non-CROP agencies. So I think this is work in progress and we should see ourselves as pioneers in trying to bring about effective change.”

“My objectives at the personal level and the professional level are to have additional tools in my toolkit so to speak, in performing my responsibilities both to the organization and to the SPC member countries.

He found the approach the Cambridge Leadership Associates have taken in conducting the sessions innovative, “The way the meeting room has been set up, no tables, the instructions that were given- no laptops and no phones. It is a new approach.”

On a personal level, Taniela reckons he has applied the adaptive leadership framework to make a life changing decision, “I was someone considered overweight, a few events in my life brought about change. I have a five year old son and if I continued the lifestyle I lived I would most likely leave my son fatherless. So I made the choice to change, because if I did continue it would be grossly negligent for me as a parent.”

He added that as someone working in the health sector, his credibility was being eroded because he was overweight person and I was not walking the talk, “I was able to make a lifestyle change, and I am a different person then I was two years ago.”

*Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific

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