TIV_RTI_PLP_dorothyDorothy Pel is a retired school teacher and is currently the  President of the Tafea Women’s Council. The council looks after the welfare of women living on five islands in the Tafea Province and maintaining contact with members is a challenge for Dorothy who took up the position in 2012.

Dorothy joined Tafea Councilors and Area Secretaries  for the TIV Right To Information Forum that was held at the Lenakel Municipal Market on Friday.  The TIV team met her the day before as she was heading to her village Lapangtawa  in the White Sands region of Tanna.

“I first heard of the RTI Policy and Bill when I read the material the team gave me yesterday. I am glad I came today because the speakers were able to answer some of the questions that I had about the Policy and Bill,” Dorothy said.

She explained the Bill is important for the women of Tafea, “Women are often left  out of decision making processes and having this will give them access information and take part in the future.”

“I am thankful for TIV coming in to do this awareness, for those of us who were invited we will share this information to members of our communities,” Dorothy said.

TIV is one PLP’s partners in Vanuatu, support for TIV falls under one of PLP’s  Key Result Area where PLP supports collective action by Pacific Island leaders in policy and institutional changes and reforms promote stability, effective governance and economic growth at the regional, national and sub-national level.

TIV works closely with the Government’s Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to raise awareness of the 2014 Right to Information Policy. The Policy is the basis for the RTI Bill, which when passed will give citizens legal rights to access information upon request. The  Campaign is to inform Vanuatu citizens that there is an RTI policy and the related Bill is being drafted. Having access to information, will enable citizens to make informed decisions for their families and communities.