November 15, 2017- The Australian funded Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) will close in December 2017.

During its three phases over nearly ten years, PLP worked with many organisations and individuals throughout the Pacific region. This work focused on transformational leadership that promoted inclusive, legitimate and durable institutional and policy changes; and, addressed priority developmental problems and issues at the regional, national and sub-national levels. PLP’s approach included supporting the collective efforts and actions of emerging and established Pacific Island leaders.

Through this work, PLP examined how, where and why developmental leadership emerges, particularly in the context of the Pacific. This research aimed to inform donors about the most appropriate ways to encourage and support developmental leadership. The research papers on these topics  prepared through PLP remain available to the wider development community through the Resources page of this website.

An independent evaluation of PLP Phase 3 was conducted in 2017. A copy of the evaluation report and DFAT’s response to the evaluation can be viewed at Phase 3 Independent Evaluation and DFAT response

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