Vini_Mafi_Greg Urwin AwardsAdi Talanaivini Mafi (Tonga)
Occupation: Legal Officer with the Ministry of Justice and Sub Registrar with the Registrar General’s Office.
Placement: SPC Regional Rights Resources Team (RRRT), Suva, Fiji.

Ms. Mafi holds a Masters of Law from Queen Mary University of London, a Professional Diploma in Legal Practice and a Bachelor of Law both from the University of the South Pacific. She has been employed at the Ministry since 2012 and her main responsibilities include the provision of sound policy advice to the CEO and Minister of Justice on matters pertaining to the justice and legal sector.

Ms. Mafi hopes that her placement with SPC Regional Rights Resources Team (RRRT)- made possible through the Greg Urwin Awards will contribute to her plans to advocate for the rights of children within the Tongan criminal justice system.  Her placement will assist her identify legal provisions that will eradicate legally mandated violence against children. This in turn will raise awareness in Tonga on  the long term harm that violence causes for children; violence within society and violence within the legal and criminal justice system.  She also hopes that her placement will equip her to train relevant stakeholders, on  identifying laws to be amended.