Melino_BainVete_GregUrwin AwardsMr. Melino Bain-Vete (Tonga/Fiji)
Occupation: Environmental Consultant, Suva, Fiji.
Placement: Parties to the Nauru Agreement, Marjuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Mr Bain-Vete holds a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College in the United States and a Master of Arts in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development (Distinction) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Mr Bain-Vete’s work in the Pacific has focused primarily on resource management, environmental governance, and climate change. Much of this has involved collaboration with Pacific Island governments, regional and international organisations, civil society organisations and the private sector.

During his placement with the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) Mr Bain-Vete will work on a review of the PNA’s partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The review will identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of the PNA’s MSC certified fishery and increase its contributions to development.

In addition to broadening his experience and network, Mr Bain-Vete hopes that the review will also provide insights into cooperative management measures which could be applied to other natural resources and industries in PICs and across the region.