Hillary_Greg Urwin AwardsHillary Toloka (Solomon Islands)
Occupation: Research Nurse at the Atoifi Adventist Hospital, East Kwaio, Solomon islands.
Placement: James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.

Mr. Toloka  is a graduate of the Solomon Island College of High Education and the Atoifi College of Nursing.

As Research Nurse Mr. Toloka facilitates collaboration between  international researchers and local counterparts. He also guides nurses and probationary and student nurses  in developing research projects. He is  a member of the Atoifi Health Research Group- a partnership between Solomon Island and international health researchers.  The Group supports research training and locally relevant health research projects.

Mr. Toloka applied for the Greg Urwin Awards because he believes that research and leadership are essential in improving health in the Solomon Islands.  Mr. Toloka  applied for a placement with the James Cook University and hopes that his stint there will equip him with new skills and knowledge  to share with his colleagues and through the Research Group implement a wider range of health research.  Incidentally, Mr. Toloka will be mentored by former Greg Urwin Awardee- Humpress Harrington who currently heads the Atoifi Campus of the Pacific Adventist University and is also a member of the Research Group.