Luganville Municipal Councillors, officials who attended the Adaptive Leadership training session this week.

November 18– This week Luganville Municipal Councillors, officials and Vanuatu Department of Women’s Affairs staff attended Adaptive Leadership training sessions conducted by our partner Transparency International Vanuatu’s CEO Wilson Toa and PLP’s Vanuatu Country Representative- Nelly Willy.

The training is part of our for the Department of Women’s Affairs (DWA), other support included the inaugural exchange visit by women Councillors from Luganville to their counterparts in Port Vila.

Yesterday Vanuatu’s Acting Attorney General Angeline Dovo conducted training on the functions and power of a Councillor under the Municipalities Act, provisions of the Municipalities Act, and Regulations made under the Municipalities Act. Today Ms. Dovo will speak on legislation drafting and enactment, parliamentary processes and the Vanuatu Constitution.

The training conducted at the Council Chambers ends today. The training was attended by both men and women Councillors, as DWA and PLP recognise that to support women’s leadership- provision of training to ‘women only’ can create impediments to their ability to exercise influence within a wider grouping.

This learning is one of the many discussed in our work with the Women in Shared Decision Making coalition in Vanuatu.  For further reading, download our Briefing Note and Discussion Paper on our lessons learned from support for Temporary Special Measures in Vanuatu Municipal Councils gathered from interviews with Port Vila and Luganville Women Councillors.