Leadership Samoa Class of 2014 with Ms. Sinei Falefitu

Partner Update: We support Leadership Samoa to bring together Samoa’s emerging leaders and provide them with leadership training. This exposes them to key development issues, identifies skill building opportunities and builds networks. Leadership Samoa also implements projects identified through its extensive engagement with government, private sector and civil society.
One such project is the subject of this post…. a media release from LS.

The Leadership Samoa Class of 2014 has awarded Ms. Sinei Falefitu with a monetary prize and trophy as part of their Community Project. The Leadership Samoa Class of 2014 presented Ms Sinei Falefitu with $1000 tala and a trophy for being the top student who undertook the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Teaching.
Ms. Sinei Falefitu is currently teaching Science at Samoa College and undertook her Bachelor at the National University of Samoa.
“Leadership Samoa Class of 2014 chose to provide an award for the top Science teacher who is undertaking the final year of the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Teaching to provide an incentive for teachers who are focusing on teaching science at the secondary level,” explains Seumanu Douglas Ngau Chun, Chief Executive Officer, Leadership Samoa.
“During their study tours in 2014, the Leadership Samoa Class of 2014 were particularly challenged by the issue of the lack of science teachers in Samoa and the difficulties this creates for educational institutions. This discovery inspired the Class of 2014 to think of ways to encourage and reward people who study Science teaching.”
The National University had implemented and offered the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Teaching for teachers, and the Leadership Samoa Class 2014, decided to contribute this AWARD for the top student for five years in line with this program.

“It is the hope of the Class of 2014 that this will encourage more teachers to commit to the future generations of Samoa who are keen science enthusiasts,” says Seumanu.

Leadership Samoa offers a unique program that provides the platform for emerging leaders to appreciate the bigger picture of the pressing developmental issues facing our nation today. The program fills a niche with the delivery of a holistic cross-sector professional development program for emergent leaders and aims to raise the awareness of emergent leaders of key political, economic, social, technological, environmental and cultural issues facing the development of Samoa today, thus ensuring a pool of well-informed Samoan leaders in the future.

The organisation was established in 2010 and is funded by the Pacific Leadership Program. PLP is a regional initiative of the Australian Government that recognizes the pivotal role of leadership in development. PLP works at the regional level, and nationally and sub-nationally through country programs in Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.