PLP is a regional governance initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) that recognises the pivotal role of leadership in development. PLP builds, applies and shares knowledge on developmental leadership, i.e. leadership involving collective action towards locally owned, inclusive policy and institutional change for the public good. PLP considers leadership and coalitions as key factors in building effective states, promoting economic growth and consolidating patterns of good governance.

PLP works with influential individuals, organisations and coalitions to learn from and support them in the exercise of developmental leadership. It works regionally, and at national and sub-national levels in Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

PLP’s high-level development outcome is: developmental leadership that achieves transformational changes to promote stability, effective governance and economic growth.

The program is structured around four interrelated objectives or results streams, as follows:

Results Stream 1: High quality and ongoing knowledge of developmental leadership across the Pacific.

Results Stream 2: Collective action by Pacific Island leaders in pursuit of policy and institutional changes and reforms to promote stability, effective governance and economic growth at the regional, national and sub-national level.

Results Stream 3: Identifiable policy and institutional changes across the Pacific for the public good.

Results Stream 4: High quality and influential communication within DFAT, across the Pacific and internationally on the nature of developmental leadership in addressing development issues and challenges in the Pacific.

PLP’s activities are focused on six key priority areas which align with the Government of Australia’s foreign policy priorities in the Pacific. These are:

  1. Women’s leadership
  2. Private sector leadership
  3. Future developmental leadership
  4. Political – bureaucratic leadership interface
  5. Community leadership
  6. Melanesian leadership